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A Little Text Study for Board Meetings

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The Department of Affiliate Support is pleased to share a new resource with you that we hope you’ll enjoy. It contains monthly, single-page Jewish text handouts intended for short, 10-minute Reconstructionist Torah study at the beginning of board meetings. It’s called “A Little Text Study for Board Meetings,” and it is now available for download. 

In this document you’ll find 12 different Jewish texts, one for each month of the coming year. Some of the readings are biblical, some rabbinic, and some literary and artistic.

We developed this resource with synagogue boards in mind, but it could be helpful for monthly committee meetings as well. Each month’s Jewish text appears on a single page, so any one of these texts can be printed out for a single use, too. For example, you might find a good text to serve as an ice-breaker or conversation starter for a religious school or b’nai mitzvah program parents’ orientation. We invite you to browse the packet and think of ways you might use it, and if you come up with something creative, we hope you’ll let us know.

If you do find this resource helpful, please let us know by sending an email to mharris@rrc.edu.


Associate Director of Affiliate Support, Reconstructing Judaism

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