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Reconstructionist Movement Convention

Thursday, November 15, 2018 - Sunday, November 18, 2018
Broadway by Hilton Hotel,  237 South Broad Street, 


Full information is available at the convention website


Welcome! We can’t wait to see you at Convention! Get ready for…

  • Many options for davening with amazing leaders from around the movement
  • Music and dancing woven throughout Convention
  • Engaging and open-minded Jewish text study
  • Visiting meaningful places in nearby historic Philadelphia
  • Field trips and social justice service opportunities
  • Thursday programming for affinity groups including RENA members, rabbis, executive directors, congregational presidents, a pick-up choir, musicians, young leadership,  and Learning Network participants
  • Storytelling
  • Learning network participants gathering off-line and in-person
  • Celebrating the rabbinical college’s 50th anniversary with stories, music and of course, cake
  • A Saturday night concert featuring Nefesh Mountain from Bnai Keshet, and many other Reconstructionist musicians from around the movement
  • An in-person meeting of the Plenum
  • Interacting with other Reconstructionists in workshops and special events
  • Eating together at meals as well as on Shabbat and other special events
  • Early bird convention registration will open in late April
  • For more information, contact Jackie Land at jland@reconstructingjudaism.org
Movement Activities