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Ethical Eating: Jewish Food History, Values and Ritual

In partnership with Shamayim: Animal Advocacy

Mondays, Nov 11, Nov 25, Dec 9, 7:30–8:30pm ET  

$108 for three sessions

All sessions will be recorded and available to participants. You may join the session live or watch recordings at your own convenience.

How can we create a kinder world through daily food rituals? Food is a central part of Jewish culture; it represents our history as well as our values. In this three-part series, we will deepen our understanding of where our food comes from as well as study texts that show us the significance of our food choices throughout Jewish history. We’ll be using this knowledge to examine our current food traditions to ask the question: what can we do to make sure we are in alignment with ethical and conscious eating today? 

Shamayim: Jewish Animal Advocacy educates leaders, trains advocates and leads campaigns for the ethical treatment of animals. From the Synagogue Vegan Challenge to the nationwide Campus Fellowship to the annual Jewish Vegan retreat, Shamayim provides a community for Jewish animal advocates and helps them take action in their own communities.