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Jewish Values & The Ethical Now: Following in Rabbi David Teutsch’s Path
April 2, 2019

The Center for Jewish Ethics’ conference in March 2019  highlighted voices from across the Jewish world, yet the proceedings embodied the Reconstructionist approach to conversation. Presenters and attendees examined issues from many sides, exchanging perspectives with deep respect for one another and Jewish tradition.

What Does a Thriving Synagogue Look Like?
April 2, 2019

Synagogues are a means, not an end in themselves. But thriving synagogues contribute to Judaism’s goal: to create healthy individuals, thriving communities, flourishing Jewish life, interconnected human life and a sustainable planet.

Statement on New Zealand Mosque Attacks
March 15, 2019

Reconstructing Judaism and the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association are horrified by and condemn the terrorist attacks carried out this morning against Muslims in New Zealand. Our hearts are broken and we are shaken. We stand in solidarity with the Muslim communities of the Al Noor and Linwood Mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, and all who are in shock, grief, and fear everywhere as a result of this devastating news.

Rabbi Sandra Lawson, ’18, Profiled by Student News Magazine
March 5, 2019

Rabbi Sandra Lawson, ’18, who serves as associate chaplain for Jewish life and Jewish educator at Elon University in North Carolina, was recently featured in an in-depth video segment produced by Elon News Network, the university’s student-run organization.

Invitation to Support Israelis Opposing Kahanists in Knesset
March 4, 2019

Reconstructing Judaism invites communities to show solidarity with thousands of Israelis who are taking action to try to prevent Kahanists from being allowed to enter the Knesset.

Reconstructing Pluralism through Conversation
February 26, 2019

Pluralism is dead. Long live pluralism.

What's Next?
February 26, 2019

Seth Rosen reflects on the successes of our 2018 convention and shares plans to build on it to strengthen our communities and movement.

Kahanists are a Danger to Israelis and Israeli Democracy
February 21, 2019

We call on our colleagues in the American Jewish community and Jewish organizations to stand for democracy and equality and join us in affirming that Kahanists have no place in the Knesset.

Reconstructionist Educators of North America: An Overview
February 13, 2019

Learn more about Reconstructionist Educators of North America, a vital resource for professional development, mentorship and connection for Jewish educators in Reconstructionist communities.

Havaya: Camp to Campus
February 11, 2019

A Camp Havaya alum reflects on the ways that her camp experience shaped her for the better.

Jewish Ethics Conference Gathers Academics, Rabbis and Communal Leaders to Explore Contemporary Questions in a Jewish Framework
February 1, 2019

What are the key ethical questions facing Jews and Jewish communities today? How can scholars, rabbis and communal leaders discuss ethics in a way that impacts how people behave in the real world?  “Jewish Values & the Ethical Now: A Conference in Celebration of Rabbi David A. Teutsch, Ph.D” will explore these questions on March 10-11, 2019 in Philadelphia.

February 1, 2019

Through Evolve, we we provide deep, thoughtful, challenging materials to rabbis, professionals and educated laypeople, and provide forums for discussing and reflecting on these materials with respect.

Facing Death, Rabbinical Student Teaches Others About Living Life
January 11, 2019

Emet Tauber, a rabbinical student facing terminal illness, devoted his last days to supporting causes and institutions that he values — including affordable and accessible rabbinic education. 

New U.S. Rep Talks Reconstructionism, Convention, Eastern Religions and MLK
January 9, 2019

U.S. Representative Andy Levin is a longtime active member of Reconstructionist congregation T’chiyah in Oak Park, Michigan. This interview explores his deepest commitments, and how he lives them out. 

Champagne and Aspirin For Strengthening Jewish Community
January 9, 2019

Reflections on lessons learned in a network of network weavers

In Tragedy’s Wake, Dor Hadash Finds Strength in Jewish Community
January 2, 2019

Two months after the attack at Pittsburgh congregation Dor Hadash, we revisit the community.

Joint Israel Commission Meets at Convention
December 17, 2018

The Joint Israel Commission gathered in person at the Reconstructing Judaism convention. Rabbi Maurice Harris reports on their activities and next steps. 

Statement on Recent Events in Israel
December 14, 2018

Reconstructing Judaism and the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association condemn and are saddened by the recent terror attacks by Palestinian extremists against Israeli soldiers, police and civilians in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Rooted and Relevant: Dispatches from Convention 2018
November 20, 2018

Several dispatches from the November 2018 Reconstructing Judaism conference: prayer, learning, and action.

‘We Are All Dor Hadash’
November 7, 2018

Reconstructionist congregation Dor Hadash was one of the groups in the crosshairs of the horrific Pittsburgh shooting attack. We recount the unique qualities of this vibrant community, the trauma they’ve undergone, and the values they continue to uphold.