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Public Statements and Positions (By Date)

This page contains statements issued or endorsed by Reconstructionist institutions, grouped by the year and month posted.

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See also this page of public statements and positions from the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association.


Apr 2018

  • National Jewish Group Letter supporting the Americans with Disabilities Act (Prejudice and Bigotry)

    Reconstructing Judaism and the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association were among the 55 national Jewish groups joining together in a letter to Senate leaders opposing the House-passed ADA Education and Reform Act (H.R. 620), legislation which would turn back the clock on the civil rights of people with disabilities by weakening the 28-year old Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

  • Responding to Recent Events Involving Israel’s African Asylum Seekers (Israel)

    Reconstructing Judaism and the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association (RRA) urge Prime Minister Netanyahu’s government to reconsider its decision to abandon the agreement it initially announced it had struck with the United Nations refugee agency, UNHCR, on April 2, 2018.

  • An Open Letter Concerning the Safety and Future of African Asylum Seekers (Israel)

    In an open letter to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Reconstructing Judaism and the other undersigned organizations urge him to pursue a humane solution for the 39,000 asylum seekers currently within Israel’s borders.

  • Response to Recent Violence on Gaza Border (Israel)

    Reconstructing Judaism and the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association (RRA) are deeply saddened and concerned following the deaths of approximately 18 Palestinians,  and the wounding of many others, by Israeli army fire during last Friday’s Palestinian-led marches near the border fence between Gaza and Israel.

Feb 2018

  • Response to Parkland, Florida Shooting (Gun Violence)

    Statement in response to the Parkland, Florida shooting. While raising our voices in prayer and condolences for the victims of violence, we also raise our voices to call for the enactment and enforcement of reasonable gun laws throughout this country that would prevent such tragedies.

  • Jewish Support for Dreamers: A Self-Evident Truth (Immigration and Refugees)

    We call on our elected officials to allow Dreamers to remain in the United States and provide a path to citizenship.

Jan 2018

  • Letter Urging Israel to Halt Deportation of Asylum-Seekers (Israel)

    Reconstructionist leaders were among the early signatories of this letter urging the Israeli government to stop the deportations of asylum seekers from Sudan and Eritrea who have sought refuge in Israel.

  • Amicus Brief Supporting Unions (Government)

    Reconstructionist organizations joined an amicus curiae brief by religious organizations in support of the rights of unions. 

  • Joint Statement on Recent Abbas Speech (Israel)

    We strongly condemn the recent public remarks made by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, which contribute to undermining prospects for a viable peace process.

  • National Jewish Letter on DREAM Act (Immigration and Refugees)

    RRC/JRC signed onto a letter urging members of Congress to support the bipartisan DREAM Act.

  • Statement on Israeli Government Blacklist (Israel)

    Statement expressing disappointment in Israeli government’s viewpoint-based blacklist on entry into Israel

  • Open Letter on Burma Human Rights and Freedom Act (Crisis Response)

    In the face of unconscionable atrocities against the Rohingya people by the Burmese military, RRC/Jewish Reconstructionist Communities joined a broad coalition of organizations from across the Jewish community to press for the immediate passage of the Burma Human Rights and Freedom Act of 2017.

Dec 2017

Nov 2017

Oct 2017

  • Joint Filing Opposing Anti-LGBTQ Religious Exemptions in Supreme Court Case (LGBTQ)

    Reconstructionist leaders joined an amicus brief in a Supreme Court case, urging against religiously-based exemptions to anti-LGBTQ discrimination.

  • Statement on Fire at URJ Camp Newman (Crisis Response)

    Last week, amidst the tragic loss of life and widespread devastation from the ongoing wildfires in Northern California, we learned the heartbreaking news that much of URJ Camp Newman was destroyed by the fires. Together with the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College/Jewish Reconstructionist Communities and the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association, all of us at Camp Havaya and Havaya Arts send our love and support as the community now works to rebuild.

  • Letter in Support of OFF (Off Fossil Fuels) Act (Environment)

    RRC/JRC signed onto a letter urging members of Congress to support HR-3671, “Off Fossil Fuels for a Better Future Act.”

  • Statement on Las Vegas Shooting (Gun Violence)

    Response to the violent shooting in Las Vegas that so far has ended 58 human lives and injured hundreds more.

Sep 2017

  • Statement on the Har Adar Terrorist Attack (Israel)

    RRC / Jewish Reconstructionist Communities and the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association condemn the terrorist attack that took place in the West Bank settlement of Har Adar.

  • Statement on Decision to End Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals program (Immigration and Refugees)

    The Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association and the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College/Jewish Reconstructionist Communities are strongly opposed to President Trump’s recently announced decision to end the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals or DACA and put the lives of over 800,000 young people in America at risk.

Aug 2017

  • Statement by the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association on Foregoing Annual High Holy Day Call with Trump (Prejudice and Bigotry)

    The RRA and America’s other leading rabbinic organizations have decided, in light of  President Trump’s statements during and after the tragic events in Charlottesville, so lacking in moral leadership and empathy for the victims of racial and religious hatred, that we cannot organize a rabbinic call with the president this year. 

  • Petition Against Fascism (Crisis Response)

    A petition to the elected leadership of our country to take steps to stop the spread of fascism.

  • Faith Voices Letter in Support of Keeping Houses of Worship Non-Partisan (Civil Society)

    Reconstructionist leaders were among the more than 4000 signatories to a letter urging the U.S. Senate not to repeal or weaken current law that prevents tax-exempt religious organizations from partisan political endorsements.

  • Response to Charlottesville (Prejudice and Bigotry)

    We condemn in the strongest terms the white supremacist groups that gathered in Charlottesville, VA, over the weekend to promote racism, anti-Semitism, and other ideologies of bigotry, and we mourn with the families of the murdered protestor and of the law enforcement officials who were killed in the line of duty. 

Jul 2017

Jun 2017

  • Statement on Cancellation of Western Wall Agreement (Israel)

    The Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association and the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College/Jewish Reconstructionist Communities jointly condemn Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to cancel an agreement that would have allowed for mixed and egalitarian prayer services at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.  

  • Statement on June 14 Shooting (Crisis Response)

    We are deeply shocked by the shooting that targeted members of Congress and others. We fear that guns and bullets are replacing speech and debate, and we know that all those who believe in democracy and human dignity will not allow that to happen.

  • Public Letter on Withdrawal from Paris Climate Accord (Environment)

    Letter from American Jewish groups in response to the announced withdrawal from the Paris climate accord

  • Public Letter on Anti-Muslim Marches (Prejudice and Bigotry)

    Reconstructionist leaders joined other faith leaders in a letter from Shoulder to Shoulder speaking out against anti-Muslim behavior. Shoulder to Shoulder is a coalition of 32 religious denominations and organizations committed to standing with American Muslims to uphold American values.

May 2017

  • Statement on Terrorist Attacks (Crisis Response)

    Statement on terrorist attacks on Egyptian Coptic Christians in May 2017

  • Joint Letter Opposing H2431 ("SAFE Act") (Immigration and Refugees)

    RRC and Jewish Reconstructionist Communities were among nearly 200 local and national organizations to sign this joint letter asking House Judiciary Committee members to oppose H.R. 2431 as a draconian measure that would criminalize undocumented immigrants and undermine due process protections. 

  • Joint Statement on Israel Conversion Bill (Israel)

    RRC/Jewish Reconstructionist Communities joined a statement strongly opposing a bill proposed by Israel’s Ministry of the Interior, which would nullify Israel’s recognition of Reform and Conservative conversions performed in Israel, as well as overturn Israel’s High Court ruling requiring the Ministry to recognize Orthodox conversions performed by private rabbinic courts.

  • Joint Letter Urging Support for Haitians at Risk of Deportation (Immigration and Refugees)

    RRC/JRC joined more than 400 faith leaders and organizations in this letter urging Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly to extend Haitian refugees’ Temporary Protected Status.

Apr 2017

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Dec 2016

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Oct 2016

Sep 2016

  • Mourning a Statesman, Peacemaker, and Legend (Israel)

    The Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, Jewish Reconstructionist Communities and the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association mourn the loss of Shimon Peres, z’l, one of the most important and influential founders and shapers of the State of Israel.

  • Joint Letter Urging Vote on Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act (Crisis Response)

    Joint letter from Jewish organizations and rabbis urging action to protect Syrian civilians

  • Statement on Recent Acts of Violence (Crisis Response)

    The leadership of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College/Jewish Reconstructionist Communities and the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association extend our heartfelt condolences and prayers to the victims and families of the frightening acts of violence that have shaken several of our cities this weekend

Jul 2016

Jun 2016

Mar 2016

Feb 2016

  • Statement on Historic Western Wall Compromise (Israel)
    he Reconstructionist movement is overjoyed that on Jan 31, 2016, the Israeli cabinet voted to dramatically expand the space for egalitarian prayer at the Kotel. This is a blessed and welcome decision.

Jan 2016

  • Welcoming the Stranger, Living Our Values (Immigration and Refugees)

    In an op-ed piece in Philadelphia’s Jewish Exponent, Rabbi Deborah Waxman, Ph.D., compellingly argues in favor of a robust and compassionate refugee program. 

Oct 2015

  • Joint Letter Supporting EACH Woman Act (Reproductive Freedom)

    Joint letter from 20 American Jewish organizations and communities supporting the EACH Woman Act to end bans on abortion coverage.

Aug 2015

Jun 2015