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The Little Minyan Kehillah

The Little Minyan Kehillah members sitting in a circle in a park

The Little Minyan is a dynamic, grass-roots kehillah/community of individuals and families seeking spiritually meaningful and interactive approaches to Torah/learning, avodah/prayer and gimilut chasadim/acts of loving-kindness. Through communal worship, educational programming, social action projects, holiday celebrations and sharing smichot/joys and struggles, we are strengthened in our individual and collective Jewish journeys. We welcome and celebrate the diversity of our members and supporters - Jews by birth, by choice, living Jewishly or Jew-curious.

Shabbat services at Park of Roses

Our kehillah affiliated with the Reconstructionist Jewish Movement in 2009 because of our resonance with a Reconstructionist approach to Jewish values and practice and a desire to be a part of the voice of this growing movement. Our Spiritual Leader and rabbi, Jessica K. Shimberg, is a senior rabbinic student (ordination: Jan. 2018), studying within Jewish Renewal (ALEPH – Alliance for Jewish Renewal), a post-denominational approach dedicated to renewing Jewish spiritual life through the cultivation of traditional practices such as meditation, chant, prayer and the study of Kabbalistic and Hassidic sources to enhance both individual and communal practice.

The Little Minyan Kehillah members doing Tashlich

We value the contributions of all Jewish movements to the rich fabric of “all-stream Judaism” and we welcome those voices in our worship, education and general approach to community building. Our inclusivity makes our kehillah a welcoming environment for people with diverse life experiences and backgrounds. We use gender-neutral prayer language, egalitarian decision-making processes and recognize and encourage all members’ contributions to the vibrancy of our kehillah.

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