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A Pilgrimage and a Reckoning

Mark Pinsky prepared this d’var Torah for the Reconstructing Judaism Board’s Executive Committee Meeting, March 9, 2023. The Reflection Space at the Legacy Museum is bathed in golden light and features the portraits of social justice heroes. Photo courtesy of the Equal Justice Institute. This week we are preparing for

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Trying to Limit the Divine

The overriding concern of the last portion of the Book of Exodus: how can one relate to God without shrinking God to the limitations of human insight and imagination? The bulk of the material, which begins with the Torah portion Terumah, deals with the intricate description of the construction of

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Why Be Good?

I used to have interesting conversations with a friend who had studied for the Catholic priesthood in his youth. We talked about questions of ethics and morality from the perspectives of our two traditions. In one conversation, I mentioned that Jews don’t really concern themselves with an afterlife, that you

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The Torah as Puzzle: Rearranging the Parts

Reprinted by permission of the Cleveland Jewish News. This d’var Torah is one of a series influenced by the Me’am Loez Sephardic Torah commentary. In Jewish tradition, God is not so much in the details as in the relationships that hold the details together. Ki Tisa, this week’s Torah portion,

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