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Collected Resources

The holiday of Pesakh (Passover) begins on Friday night, April 19, 2019. At Reconstructing Judaism, we’ve gathered study materials, music, recipes, seder supplements and more to enrich your celebration. As Jews around the world gather to recount and relive our journey from slavery to freedom, may we be moved to gratitude for our blessings, and to action on behalf of those who are still awaiting liberation. 

Selected Passover Resources

We've selected Passover resources to get your seder conversations buzzing this year. You are invited to read, download, print, and share these materials.

Family Passover Activities

Check out this Question Collector and other fun family Passover activities, brought to you by Camp Havaya and hosted by Ritualwell.

Fun for Passover on purple background with matzah and seder plate on either side
Fun for Passover on purple background with matzah and seder plate on either side
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Hashivenu: A Podcast on Resilience

In this special Passover episode from 2018, we speak with Rabbi Elliott Tepperman, whose congregation recently decided to serve as a sanctuary for undocumented immigrants. Join us as we discuss the Jewish values that moved his community to action.

More Pesach Resources

Strange Thoughts: A New Take on Loving the Stranger

To truly live justly, we need to move out of our comfort zones and embrace unfamiliar ideas and habits of mind. 


Multicultural Haroset Recipes

Recipes for Passover haroset from several cultural traditions


A Hasidic Lens on Parashat Bo

In this short talk, Rabbi Lester Bronstein brings 18th and 19th-century Hasidic thought into dialogue with contemporary Reconstructionist theology.

Spoken Audio

At The Sea: A Selection of Midrashim

This selection of midrashim on the crossing of the Red Sea provides a window into the tradition’s ethical concerns surrounding this well-known story.


Twelve Years A Slave: A Passover Resource

This printable resource pairs selected quotes from Solomon Northup’s autobiographical memoir, “12 Years a Slave,” with quotes from the Exodus and other Jewish texts.


A  Passover Blessing for People of Many Backgrounds Who Journey with Us

This is a short Passover reading that expresses appreciation for people of backgrounds and identities other than Judaism. It would work well in a community seder, as well as home seders. 


The Midwives of Exodus: An Interfaith Text Study

An easily-accessible text study about the ethnic ambiguity that the Torah presents us with regarding the midwives who refused to obey Pharaoh's orders. 


Making Pesakh Personal

This study sheet provides a variety of sources on the spiritual practices surrounding Passover (Pesakh).


Next Year in Jerusalem?

A resource for exploring values and commitments around Israel, seen through the lens of the phrase “Next year in Jerusalem” at the close of the Passover seder


Exodus in Our Time

A creative meditation on liberation from Egypt


My Questions for This Pesach Season

Passover conversations with non-Jews who are part of Jewish communities and families