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Thursday, 6/25 Evolve Conversations: Multifaith Relations - Four Decades of an Evolving Field with Rabbi Nancy Fuchs Kreimer, Ph.D.
Thursday, 6/18 Evolve Conversations: Reflections on the Field of Jewish Social Justice After Ten Years of Training Rabbis for Activism with Rabbi Mordechai Liebling
Sunday, 5/31 Reconstructionist Learning Series: “Progressive Israel”
Thursday, 5/28 Celebrating @ Sinai: a virtual Shavuot celebration for the Reconstructionist movement
Sunday, 5/17 Reconstructionist Learning Series: “Radical Inclusion”
Tuesday, 5/5 Peering into the Kabbalah: A Very Short Introduction to Jewish Mysticism (1 of 4)
Sunday, 5/3 Reconstructionist Learning Series: “Judaism, the Natural World, and You!”
Sunday, 4/26 Reconstructionist Learning Series: “Reconstructionism: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”
Sunday, 4/19 2020 Virtual Chesapeake Annual Celebration
Tuesday, 3/17 Creating Your DIY Wedding (1 of 4)
Monday, 3/16 Poetry as Sanctuary: Writing from Multifaith Traditions (1 of 4)
Thursday, 3/5 Evolve:Talmud Torah As a Spiritual Practice: Balancing Respect/Kavod and Truth/Emet
Thursday, 3/5 Examining Jewish Art and Practice (1 of 3)
Friday, 2/21 The Jewish Ethicist (1 of 3)
Monday, 2/10 Beneath the Surface: Spiritual Boot Camp (1 of 7)
Thursday, 2/6 Into the Depths: Exploring Ritual Immersion in the Mikveh (1 of 3)
Sunday, 1/26 2020 New York Day of Learning
Tuesday, 1/21 Reimagining Synagogue Security (1 of 3)
Wednesday, 1/15 Social Media Marketing for Congregations and Organizations (1 of 3)