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Thursday, 3/4 Report and Reverberation: Fault-lines of Race in the Yiddish Press
Thursday, 3/4 Jews, Race, and Religion: Limpieza de Sangre and the “Clash of Civilizations”; Or, What Hath the Soul to Do with Racialized Bodies?
Wednesday, 3/3 Rainbow Lev: Jewish LGBTQ+ Teen Leadership Program
Tuesday, 3/2 On the Path to Liberation: A Jewish Men’s Series
Monday, 3/1 From Brokenness to Holiness: Engaging the Creative Mind to Heal the Wounded Will (1 of 3)
Thursday, 2/25 Jews, Race, and Religion: Black Power, Jewish Politics: Reinventing The Alliance in the 1960s
Wednesday, 2/24 Embodying Purim Joy: Hasidic and Shtetl Dance with Rabbi Daniel Brenner
Thursday, 2/18 Familiarity and Distance: Yoysef Kerler’s Ven Kh’volt in Alabama Zayn
Thursday, 2/18 Jews, Race, and Religion: Religion and White Supremacy in the United States
Wednesday, 2/17 The Book of V: A Reading & Conversation with Anna Solomon and Sivan Rotholz
Thursday, 2/11 Jews, Race, and Religion: Jews and the Religion of Whiteness
Thursday, 2/4 Injustice and Interpretation: Leyb Malach’s Mississippi
Thursday, 2/4 Jews, Race, and Religion: Alex Haley’s Roots, Scriptures, and the Race for America
Sunday, 1/31 Changing Ourselves to Change the Climate: Mussar, Psychology, and Activism
Sunday, 1/31 The Political is Personal: The Power of Prayer to Protect our Planet
Friday, 1/29 Live Podcast with Evolve! “Human Composting: Good for the Environment, But Is It Kosher?”
Thursday, 1/28 Rabbinical Training and Jewish Leadership in an Era of Climate Crisis
Thursday, 1/28 Jews, Race, and Religion: Is the Talmud Racist?
Wednesday, 1/27 Environmental Racism: The Imperative of Environmental Quality of Life for All
Sunday, 1/24 Reconstructing Judaism's Virtual Day of Learning: "God?: A Reconstructionist Conversation"