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Toward The Edge

“We’re not being chased to the edge. We’re running toward it. The edge is always in front of us.”*

Our rapidly changing times demand bold new ways to access the joy and wisdom of Judaism. To meet today’s challenges, Reconstructionists work at the edge of what is known to uncover the innovations that enliven Judaism in people’s lives. 

The phrase, “Toward the Edge,” captures how synagogues, havurot, startups and academics are shaping grounded and groundbreaking approaches to Judaism. The initiatives cataloged here respond to the question “What’s possible for the Jewish community and our world when we risk stepping to the edge of what’s known?”

Here you will find answers and opportunities that will lead you to new questions. It is all part of the process of navigating our ever-evolving world’s changing religious and spiritual space. Step to the edge with us.

  • *. Rabbi Deborah Waxman, Ph.D., President of Reconstructing Judaism Quoted from the Faithful, a report on how faith communities are adapting to declining institutional religious affiliation and growing interest in emerging spiritual communities. Faithful was supported by the Fetzer Institute, the Texas Methodist Foundation, and Harvard Divinity School.
Images of the four seasons of the year
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Connecting the power of Jewish ritual to contemporary life

Reconstructionist Learning Networks

 Building a more just and joyous world

Bet Haverim chorus led by songleading with guitar
Bet Haverim chorus led by songleading with guitar
Rabbi Mordecai Liebling in group of protesters for immigration rights at US Capitol
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Reconstructionist Scholars in Action

Bringing thought leadership to today’s real world challenges

The Auerbach Entrepreneurial & Reconstructionist Incubator Grants

Sparking bold reconstruction of the Jewish experience in the 21st century