The Torah of #MeToo | Reconstructing Judaism

The Torah of #MeToo

Jewish leaders and community members are calling for ethical guidance as they seek to address and prevent abuses of power in Jewish communal life.  To respond to this call, the Center for Jewish Ethics is sharing its research and expertise on Jewish ethics, power and gender through a variety of initiatives in the Jewish world and beyond. 


Ethical Leadership in the Public Sphere


Communal Collaborations

Respect and Responsibility: Jewish Ethics for Healthy Communities

The Center for Jewish Ethics is working with scholars and leaders from across the Jewish world to create an accessible collection of texts and commentaries that relate to sexual harassment and other institutional abuses of power. Respect and Responsibility: Jewish Ethics for Healthy Communities will be a study guide designed for use by Jewish professionals and lay leaders across the denominational spectrum.

The study guide will address questions such as:

  • What are the ethical values at the heart of Jewish community?
  • How does Jewish tradition define the qualities of leadership?
  • What is a Jewish model for ethical governance and organizational structure?
  • What does Jewish tradition teach about consent and power?
  • When a community member has abused his or her power, what does teshuvah/penitence look like?
  • How do the ethics of tochecha/rebuke guide us to be responsible bystanders?
  • When are rumors of misbehavior important to pay attention to?
  • How can the concepts of leshon ha-ra/evil speech and hillul ha-shem/desecration of God’s name shape a process for addressing ethics complaints?