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Stigma & Shame: Breaking the Silence on Mental Illness

Why does it take so much courage to be honest about mental-health struggles?

A Reflection on Mental Health Awareness Month

As you may have noticed, this month Ritualwell featured guest blog posts for Mental Health Awareness Month. You might wonder why an organization devoted to ritual would choose to address this topic. Mental illness affects us all, and Jewish communities in particular are failing to support those struggling with their mental health issues. In many communities, particularly in the Jewish community, we do not discuss mental illness often, let alone acknowledge it through ritual. 

Becoming a Mental Health Advocate

How can the Jewish community be more accessible to those affected by mental health issues?

Spirituality and Mental Health

Rabbi Jacob Staub, Ph.D., explains why spirituality can be such an important aspect of mental health. 

God Doesn’t Want Us To Hurt Ourselves

"We are commanded not to harm ourselves, because for some of us that is a struggle."

As I Face my Plate: a Shehechayanu for an Eating Disorder

"Grant me the strength to sustain my life, / As you commanded..."

Rabbi Sandra Lawson and Other Black Jewish Leaders Respond to Kanye West

Kanye is saying some of the worst antisemitic things that are even hard for people who have right-leaning politics to swallow. None of this is really surprising if you go back through Kanye’s problematic comments, or his relationship with Donald Trump and Candace Owens. It looks to me like he’s having a breakdown. I don’t think it’s just mental illness —

We Can Dance

"We can’t always be brave, but we can dance."

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