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Reconstructing Judaism is the central organization of the Reconstructionist movement. We train the next generation of rabbis, support and uplift congregations and  havurot, foster emerging expressions of Jewish life, and encourage people to be their best selves — always helping to shape what it means to be Jewish today and to imagine the Jewish future.

Reconstructionists approach Judaism — and life — with deep consideration of the past and a passion to relate it to the present. We have originated many of the core innovations of today’s Judaism and lead efforts to make our congregations and  havurot even more groundbreaking, inclusive and relevant.

We welcome your voice, questions and participation in something larger: email us here. 


Tzav: The Eternal Flame Within Us

The ancient Tabernacle featured a ner tamid, a flame perpetually kept lit. What is the eternal flame in our lives? Rabbah Arlene Berger explores. 

Yad pointer resting on very old Torah scroll
Yad pointer resting on very old Torah scroll
Stack of matzah viewed from the side
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Passover Resources

Passover begins on Friday night, March 30. We've gathered learning resources, music, recipes, and more for you. As Jews around the world gather to recount and relive our journey from slavery to freedom, may we be moved to gratitude for our blessings, and to action on behalf of those still await liberation. 

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