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Resources from Reconstructionist Congregations and Rabbis – High Holidays 2022/5783

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High Holidays 2021/5781

Resources from Reconstructionist Congregations and Rabbis

Our thanks to our partners and colleagues who have generously shared these resources.


Written Materials

Introduction and Remarks on the High Holidays for the August 18th Leadership Call

This introduction and framing for our August Leadership Call was written by Jackie Land and Rabbi Maurice Harris from the Department for Thriving Communities at Reconstructing Judaism. Many congregational leaders have found these remarks as a helpful framing tool for approaching the High Holidays in 2021.


Opening Your Virtual Gate: Making Online High Holidays Celebrations Accessible to All - from RespectAbility 


Woodstock Jewish Congregation Mahzor

Rabbi Jonathan Kligler has compiled and edited the Woodstock congregational mahzor for online use, and has offered to share it with those who might find it useful.


Rosh Hashanah Seder

Brian Rosman and Rabbi Barbara Penzner have written an article on the Rosh Hashanah Seder for this year.

They have also written their own Rosh Hashanah seder, available in PDF format at this link:


Rosh Hashanah Second Day Resources

Rabbi Katie Mizrahi from Or Shalom Jewish Community in San Francisco has compiled materials for an offline Rosh Hashanah experience that you’re invited to bring with you into the natural world, complete with 100 shofar blasts, music, meditation and instructions for tashlich.

You can find the page of resources at this link. 


Audio and Video: Liturgy


“Avinu Malkeinu” — A Joint Production With:

  • Cantor Chayim Frankel (Kehillat Israel Pacific Palisades)
  • Cantor Lizzie Weiss (Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills)
  • Cantor Kerith Spencer-Shapiro (University Synagogue)

Avinu Malkeinu KI et al


“Haneshama Lakh”  from Congregation Kehillat Israel
Rabbi Amy Bernstein & Cantor Chaim Frenkel

KI - Haneshamalach with Titles


“Aleh: Ben Adam Le’ma’alah Aleh” from Adat Shalom Reconstructionist Congregation

This Hebrew poem, whose lyrics are by Rav A.I. Kook, is the central motif for this year’s holiday services.

Translation: Human being: arise, ascend, rise! You have strength within you, you have winds of spirit, wings of mighty eagles. Don’t deny them, lest they deny you. Seek them out and you will find them.

Ben Adam Aleh


“Lean on Me” by B’nai Keshet

Lean on Me - Bnai Keshet


Ozi V’Zimrat Yah” from B’nai Keshet

Ozi v’Zimrat Yah - Full Version


“P’tach Lanu” from Adat Shalom Reconstructionist Congregation

Ptach Lanu Adat Shalom


“Shema” from Adat Shalom Reconstructionist Congregation

Shema final with credits Adat Shalom


“Heal Us Now” from Adat Shalom Reconstructionist Congregation

Adat Shalom - Heal Us Now


“There Is A Time” from Adat Shalom Reconstructionist Congregation

ASB - There is a Time final with credits


Audio and Video: Teaching


“Live and Learn” by Rabbi Shawn Zevit and Rabbi Yael Levy

Live and Learn w Rabbi Shawn Zevit and R Yael Levy ELUL Gateway to the New Year


High Holiday Liturgy Has Never Felt More Relevant Than in 2020” by T’ruah —
“Mimaamakim (In the Depths) - Psalm 130” segment by Rabbi Benjamin Barnett

The full video is embedded below. You can jump directly to Rabbi Barnett’s segment (43 seconds in) via this link. 

High Holiday Liturgy Has Never Felt More Relevant Than in 2020


Unorthodox Podcast
Episode 243: New Beginnings - featuring an interview with Rabbi Sandra Lawson

Listen to Episode 243 here

Challah against a background of apple slices

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