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Presidents’ and Leadership Forum


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To lead in a changing world, we need, as Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan indicated, to exchange ideas and experiences. Presidents’ and Leadership Forums enable lay leaders to explore the challenges and solutions of leading Reconstructionist congregations and havurot. Presidents and other leaders within Reconstructionist congregations and havurot are invited to join a Leadership Forum based on size or location. Meetings will take place online and in person, when geography allows. Leaders will work closely with Reconstructing Judaism staff to set agendas, share materials, connect with each other and learn best practices. Led by the Thriving Communities team at Reconstructing Judaism, these meetings will explore pressing and common questions, including:

  • How do we create different kinds of communities of meaning?
  • How do we balance individual and collective needs and responsibilities within our communities?
  • How do we harness tensions to grow from them?
  • How do our communities support groundbreaking ideas while being grounded in tradition?

Look for an invitation with more information about your Presidents’ and Leadership Forum or for more information, click here.

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