Reconstructionist Learning Networks 2017-2018 | Reconstructing Judaism

Reconstructionist Learning Networks 2017-2018



Let’s journey together to build a more just and joyous world.

Reconstructionist Learning Networks connect you with people across geography and perspectives. Explore the crucial questions of Jewish life that just can’t be Googled, and that matter most to you and your community. Join a network to journey, imagine and create.

Collaborate with experts, including Reconstructing Judaism staff, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College faculty, authors and leaders. Facilitators work with you to set agendas, bring expertise and foster learning among colleagues. Explore case studies, text studies, resource materials, and real-life challenges and solutions. Experiment and troubleshoot together.

Networks meet three to six times a year online for about an hour each session. At least six people are required for each network.



Networks are free for members of the Reconstructionist movement. Members of the movement include: members and staff of affiliated congregations and havurot, RRA members, RENA members and direct contributors. To keep networks accessible to all, donations are welcomed at: Non-members are asked to pay a minimum of $36. No one will be turned away due an inability to pay.


You’ll need access to a computer with a camera and an Internet connection. The video-networking platform we use fosters connections by making it easy for participants to see and hear one another. Support is available.


Your engagement is crucial to the success of the Learning Networks. When you register, you are committing to full participation.

Make a Request

All networks offered this year have come from the dreams and questions of the community. Do you have network ideas? We’d love to hear from you

Innovation and Growth Networks

How do I grow and sustain my new project or community? How can we grow fund development in our large congregations? Can you hear me now? How can we harness the power of word of mouth? Join a network to find out!

Education and Administration Networks

How can Jewish stories help families live Jewish values? What does reconstructing Jewish education for our evolving civilization look like? What are best practices for executive directors?

Spirituality and Justice Networks

How do we live an integrated approach to our spiritual lives and the work of social justice? How do I find sparkle in the Jewish calendar? How do fair-trade principles provide a roadmap to integrate these values into our community life? Join a justice and spirituality network to share ideas and learn new ones.


To lead in a changing world, we need, as Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan indicated, to exchange ideas and experiences. Presidents’ and Leadership Forums enable lay leaders to explore the challenges and solutions of leading Reconstructionist congregations and havurot.