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Grief and Condolences over Tragedy at Lag B’Omer Celebration in Israel


Reconstructing Judaism and the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association are shocked and saddened by the tragedy that has taken place at Mount Meron in Israel’s northern region. As of this writing, at least 45 people celebrating Lag B’Omer were killed and over 150 were injured in an apparent structural collapse and subsequent stampede. The accident took place during an event attended by tens of thousands of predominantly Orthodox Jewish worshipers. 

We offer our deep condolences to all who have lost family members and friends, and we pray for healing and strength for all those injured. We are thankful for the heroic work of Israel’s first responders. In addition, we are touched by the many offers of assistance that have been made by nearby Druze and Arab-Israeli villages, and we are heartened by the many public statements of condolence offered to Israel’s leaders from government officials across the globe, including Palestinian and other Arab officials. May the memories of all who perished in this tragic accident always be a blessing.

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