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Joint Letter Supporting EACH Woman Act

RRC/JRC was a signatory to a joint letter from 20 American Jewish organizations and communities supporting the EACH Woman Act to end bans on abortion coverage. 

The letter reads, in part:

As Jews, we believe that each of us is inherently of equal worth. We are all equally deserving of access to services that enable us to get the health care we need, without jeopardizing our financial future or foregoing other human needs like housing or food. As Jewish Americans, we believe in our nation’s bedrock democratic value of religious freedom. This founding principle affirms each person’s right to make their own personal decisions about their health and body, according to their own religious, moral, or ethical beliefs and circumstances and without political interference…

Bans on abortion coverage go against our values and the freedoms we cherish as American Jewish institutions. Each individual must be guaranteed fair treatment in exercising their constitutional right to access abortion, regardless of their income, type of insurance, or where they live. Ensuring this access to care is critical to uphold a woman’s religious liberty — her ability to make her own personal decisions surrounding a pregnancy. However we each may feel about abortion, it is unjust for Congress to push abortion out of reach from a woman just because she is poor or due to the insurance she holds, and privileging the religious views of those who oppose abortion.

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