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Watch & Listen: Let Silence be Praise for God

Reconstructionist Judaism offers a spiritual and communal home to all who seek connection and meaning. And the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College trains diverse and dynamic rabbis who make Jewish experiences accessible to all.

Take, for example, Rabbi Adam Cerino Jones. Growing up in an interfaith home, he did not see a place for himself in any Jewish community until a Hillel rabbi convinced him that not only could he lead an authentically Jewish life, but he could also be a rabbi.

Cerino Jones says he thrived at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College because instructors pushed him, nourished him, and met him where he was. Now, this musical, tattooed, professional-wrestling-loving rabbi aims to do the same for countless others.

On May 22, Cerino Jones and five of his classmates officially became rabbis at RRC’s 50th Graduation ceremony. Moments after being called rabbi in public for the first time, Cerino Jones stood on the bimah and performed an original melody of a line from Psalm 65, which his classmate, Rabbi Sarah Brammer-Shlay, translated as “let silence be praise for God.”

We invite you to check out the three-minute clip.

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