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A New Name for Camp JRF

Dear Friends,

Today’s the day!

As you know, we’ve been talking for years about changing the name of Camp JRF. Now that our namesake no longer exists as an umbrella organization (as it did when we opened), with a second camp on the horizon, and with excitement that the Reconstructionist movement is currently undertaking a similar process, the time has finally come.

And so, without any further ado, we’re excited to share with you our new name, logo, and tagline:

Camp Havaya: Be You, Boldly

In Hebrew, “havaya” (with an ‘h’ sound at the beginning) means “being.” A name is central to an organization’s identity and choosing this particular name serves as a powerful statement that, at our core, we’re all about creating an environment where kids have the freedom to be who they truly are. We love that it’s a play on “how we be”; on the Hebrew word “khavaya” (with a ‘kh’ sound at the beginning), which means “experience” (not “education,” as many of our campers might think!); and on the Hebrew word “hoveh / the present time,” reminding us that being our best selves isn’t something we aspire to in the future – it’s something we do right now. Over the last number of years, “how we be” has brought this to life … and now so does our new name, Camp Havaya.
This summer in the Poconos, we’ll still be Camp JRF. We’ll launch a new website for Havaya Arts (our West Coast camp) in the coming days, but everything else will stay the same through this summer. In the fall, we’ll finish switching over to the new name – excitedly sharing our new identity, and an updated Howie Bee, with the world.
As you know, we’re a lively, welcoming, and diverse community where kids explore Judaism in their own ways and become the best versions of themselves. We wanted a name that proudly represents that mission. We’re thrilled for Camp Havaya to be that name!
Looking forward to all the excitement still to come!
Kol tuv (all the best),
Rabbi Isaac Saposnik                Debra Fried Levin
   Executive Director                         President

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