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Response to Murder of Ari Fuld

Reconstructing Judaism and the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association condemn the stabbing attack carried out by a Palestinian youth that killed Ari Fuld, an American-Israeli father of four, at the Etzion junction in the West Bank. Our condolences are with Mr. Fuld’s family and friends. We appreciate press reports of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s condemnation of the attack.  At this moment, when Jews around the world are focused so intently on the question of how we can live our lives so that our most sacred hopes and aspirations can be realized in the year ahead, we join in President Abbas’s recognition that  “Everyone loses from violence.”  May Israelis and Palestinians alike have the strength and courage to fulfill our dreams of peace, mutual respect and shared prosperity in Israel and Palestine, and the wisdom to recognize that escalating violence will never be the means through which those dreams can be fulfilled.

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