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A black stone engraved with the word Reflect on a collection of white stones

Listen: Repenting and Reflecting

Rabbi Deborah Waxman, Ph.D and Rabbi Sandra Lawson discuss their respective processes of preparing for the High Holidays: how, as human beings, they undertake an accounting of the soul.

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The word Midrash over a background of small green leaves growing out of a tree trunk

Listen: The Power of Midrash

Revisit this Shavuot podcast in which Rabbi Deborah Waxman and Rabbi Mira Wasserman discuss the power of midrash, an imaginative act that can give new life to the Torah and ourselves.

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Podcast title slide: Multifaith Encouters

Listen: ‘Multifaith Encounters’

Multifaith dialogue has the power not just to build bridges of understanding, but to foster personal spiritual growth and transformation. Rabbi Deborah Waxman speaks with Rabbi Nancy Fuchs Kreimer and Professor Sa’’ed Atshan, a Palestinian Quaker Christian, about their experiences in multifaith work.

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Podcast cover for Activism

Listen: ‘Activism’

The story of Hanukkah invites us to kindle lights in the darkness, and to overcome despair with hope and action. In this spirit, Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum reflects on the extraordinary work of her community, and how it embodies the fundamental connection between spiritual life and social activism.

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Podcast image: Hebrew Poetry

Listen: ‘Hebrew Poetry’ 

From a conversation preceding the holiday of Shavu’ot Rabbis Jeremy Schwartz and Deborah Waxman speak about modern Hebrew poetry and how modern Hebrew poets take apart traditional language and ideas and create something new from ancient building blocks.

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Cover of the podcast episode The Spiritual Activist

Listen: ‘The Spiritual Activist’

Claudia Horwitz’s life’s work has focused on integrating spiritual practice with the work of social change. In this conversation, she shares the strains that social–justice work can inflict on activists and articulates the importance of deep inner work in anchoring and sustaining individuals and groups in their work of tikkun

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