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The back of a woman in a striped dress outside at sunset

Read: ‘Yocheved’s Song’

With Passover just around the corner, we turn to Yocheved, whose voice does not appear in Exodus, but thanks to Rabbi Sonya K. Pilz, it can be heard loud and clear in this moving poem.

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A family celebrating Israel's anniversary with Israeli flags at a picnic table

Read: Prayer for Israel

Written for Israel’s most recent anniversary, this revised prayer by Rabbi David Seidenberg feels especially relevant as Israel spirals into civil unrest in violence. “Rescue all of Your land, from the Jordan River to the sea, from the spilling of blood, and all of her inhabitants and sojourners.”

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Iraqi Purim treats on a plate, with a mug of tea and a vase of flowers

Watch: Yummy Mizrakhi Purim Treats

Hiding and deception play key roles in the Purim story, reflected in two traditional Iraqi treats. Never tried Sambusak and B’ab’a B’tamer? Now is your chance to make them from scratch.

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A mother holding and kissing a baby outside near trees

Read: Havdalah Between Parenting and the Workday

Borrowing from the Havdalah ritual, this prayer can help all parents create a sense of separation between the workday — wherever that happens physically — from the work of raising children. This ritual offers, for at least a moment, a liminal space to pause.

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A blonde woman embracing a man in a wheelchair

Read: Prayer for Inclusion

February is Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month. This blessing honors the people and communities making Jewish life and experience more accessible and embracing.

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Two hands cupping a small seedling in dirt

Read: Tree Planting Ritual

This ritual, for planting a tree in honor of a child, is a physical act that cultivates the celebration of new life. It also symbolizes the interconnectedness of living beings.

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