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Reconstructing Judiasm rabbis of various races together in Selma, Alabama

Read: Confronting America’s Racism

Prompted by a comment by a presidential contender, Rabbi Sandra Lawson articulates her profound connection to the side of American history encompassing the Atlantic Slave Trade, Jim Crow and the Chinese Exclusion Act.

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The Dual Meaning of "Practice": Explaining Judaism to Athletes

Watch: Super Bowl Combo; Judaism and Sports

Bummed that the Super Bowl and NFL season are over? Don’t worry, you can delve into the links between athletic competition, training, spiritual practice and Torah. Rabbi Jason Bonder, an RRC graduate who has played professional baseball and competed in triathlons, brings us along on his quest to merge to

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Aerial view of the Chicago skyline at sunset

Read: The Warmth of Other Suns

Isabelle Wilkinson’s magisterial narrative of the Great Migration may be ideal reading for Black History Month, or any time of year. In examining how his own life diverged from that of one of the book’s African– American protagonists, Rabbi Benjamin Barnett offers a window into race and religion in urban

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A mother holding and kissing a baby outside near trees

Read: Havdalah Between Parenting and the Workday

Borrowing from the Havdalah ritual, this prayer can help all parents create a sense of separation between the workday — wherever that happens physically — from the work of raising children. This ritual offers, for at least a moment, a liminal space to pause.

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A bright light shining in the dark sky

Watch: Uncover the Light of the Zohar

Joel Hecker, Ph.D., professor of Jewish mysticism at RRC, shares 10 aspects of luminosity outlined in kabbalistic literature. In this teaching on mysticism, he names different manifestations of the Divine presence.

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