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Podcast title slide: Multifaith Encouters

Listen: ‘Multifaith Encounters’

Multifaith dialogue has the power not just to build bridges of understanding, but to foster personal spiritual growth and transformation. Rabbi Deborah Waxman speaks with Rabbi Nancy Fuchs Kreimer and Professor Sa’’ed Atshan, a Palestinian Quaker Christian, about their experiences in multifaith work.

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A collection of stones wit one heart-shaped gray stone towards the bottom left

Read: ‘Trapped in Our Own Lies’

In this d’var Torah, Rabbi Lewis Eron teaches that “the understanding that leaders can be caught in their own lies helps us understand the biblical expression for pharaonic stubbornness — “his heart was hardened” — and serves as an object lesson for all those who find themselves in positions of

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Podcast Cover: The State of Democracy in Israel and the U.S.

Listen: ‘The State of Democracy in Israel and the U.S.’

Reconstructionist leader Marc Overbeck watched the most recent Israeli election returns with mounting concern regarding the future of a democratic Israel. In this podcast, he raises up two idealistic thinkers — Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan and Theodor Herzl — and offers an impassioned defense of the idea of democratic government as

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Person in a headwrap sitting on a hill looking up at a pink, purple, and orange night sky

Read: ‘Stargazing’

A new year begins, and we all become a little older. Judith Kerman looks to the stars seeking a “misty field above my head in the dark” and yearns for that place “where everything becomes clear.”

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