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Cover of the podcast episode The Spiritual Activist

Listen: ‘The Spiritual Activist’

Claudia Horwitz’s life’s work has focused on integrating spiritual practice with the work of social change. In this conversation, she shares the strains that social–justice work can inflict on activists and articulates the importance of deep inner work in anchoring and sustaining individuals and groups in their work of tikkun

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A woman in a yellow jacket and brown hat walking down a road with green fields on either side

Read: ‘The Inner Journey’

The final portion of Bamidbar, Mas’ey or “Journeys,” begins with a lengthy recounting of every encampment to which the Children of Israel sojourned during the past 40 years. Looking at the names of these places, Rabbi Jonathan Kliger notes that they are heavy with symbolism: Are they real places or

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Letter blocks spelling "TISHA B'AV"

Read: ‘The Nine Days’

Sarah Schmerler offers this art project for the Nine Days, a period of semi-mourning observed by religious Jews that begins on Rosh Hodesh Av and culminates in a full fast day known as Tisha B’Av.

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A multi-ethnic family with two parents and a little girl smiling

Read: ‘Communal Blessing for the Children’

Martha Hurwitz created this prayer as a member of a very small synagogue with just a few children. Most of the parents seemed uncomfortable when the rabbi initiated a ritual for them to bless their children, so she thought it would be more comfortable if everyone joined in.

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