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Reconstructing Judaism has joined #StandUpToJewishHate, a new national campaign designed to raise awareness of antisemitism and hate targeting. The campaign also aims to empower all people, especially non-Jews, to stand up against it when it impacts their communities.  

#StandUpToJewishHate is focused on educating people that although Jews make up 2.4 percent of the American population, they are the victims of 5 percent of religious-based hate crimes, according to 2020 statistics compiled by the FBI.  

As part of its goal of raising awareness of antisemitism with the broader public, the Foundation to Combat Antisemitism is establishing 🟦, the Blue Square emoji already on most phones, as a simple but powerful unifying symbol of solidarity and support for the Jewish community, making it easy for anyone to #StandUpToJewishHate. The campaign is encouraging all people to post and share 🟦 on their social media channels. 

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