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Statement on Recent Rocket Attacks on Israel

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Reconstructing Judaism and the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association condemn the 300 rockets indiscriminately launched at Israel from the Gaza Strip over the past few days. We are grateful that, as of this moment, no Israelis have been seriously wounded or killed by these attacks. We reaffirm our solidarity with Israelis living under this bombardment. Our hearts and prayers are with civilians on both sides of this escalation and we mourn the loss of life of Palestinian civilians at the same time as we worry about and pray for the health and wellbeing of Israelis. 

Terrorism is never justified and attacks like these increase the potential for escalating violence as Israeli forces respond with intensified measures in Gaza. Rocket attacks will not end the blockade of the Gaza Strip nor the Occupation of the West Bank. This cycle of violence will not pave the way to a lasting, fair peace agreement that will allow Israelis and Palestinians to live in peace and security.

May Israelis and Palestinians alike have the strength and courage to fulfill our dreams of peace, mutual respect and shared prosperity in Israel and Palestine. May those who work for peace, justice, and reconciliation throughout the region be strengthened in their work and their ideals.  

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