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Want to know what makes Reconstructionist rabbis unique?

Want to know what makes Reconstructionist rabbis unique? 

For starters, check out “I’m a Reconstructionist Rabbi…..” a short video that combines offhand humor with wisdom and has drawn chuckles as well as heartfelt comments and, so far, has been played more than 18,000 times on Instagram.

The video was filmed at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association’s biennial convention, held March 3-6 in Atlanta. It features: Rabbi Seth Goldstein (RRC ’03), Rabbi Sandra Lawson (RRC ‘18), Rabbi Megan Doherty (RRC ‘07), Rabbi Jason Klein (RRC ‘02), Rabbi Isaac Saposnik (RRC ‘08), Rabbi Rachel Weiss (RRC ‘09) and Rabbi David Teutsch, Ph.D., a longtime member of the RRCs faculty who also served as its president. It was created by Rachel Forth Pipitone, assistant director of engagement communications at Reconstructing Judaism.  

I'm a Reconstructionist Rabbi. Of course you can talk to me about absolutely anything.

Rabbi Jason Klein

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