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Congregation Darchei Noam

Darchei Noam, Toronto’s only Reconstructionist Synagogue, blends Jewish practice with innovative forms of Jewish expression. Within our congregation of 450 families and 70 supplementary Hebrew school students, we recognize that Jewish life and community are works of imagination, courage and devotion that evolve over time yet preserve their unique wisdom and teachings. Darchei Noam is an inclusive, egalitarian and welcoming congregation. We aspire to create a sacred space that encourages all who enter to experience Jewish life as a source of joy. In all matters of congregational life, we turn to our common values for inspiration.

A multiracial, multigenerational group of Jews gathered for a group photo
Crowd dancing around wedding canopy
Kids gathered around music teacher


Toronto, ON M3H 2T5


The Reconstructionist Network

Serving as central organization of the Reconstructionist movement

Training the next generation of groundbreaking rabbis

Modeling respectful conversations on pressing Jewish issues

Curating original, Jewish rituals, and convening Jewish creatives

The Reconstructionist Network