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Havurat Tikvah

High Holidays at Havurat Tikvah

Havurat Tikvah is a warm, supportive and nurturing Reconstructionist congregation with Shabbat services and a full spectrum of holiday observances, as well as religious educational options for both adults and children. It is an inclusive, diverse group of families, singles, and Jewish and interfaith couples who participate in projects that promote social justice.

The congregation was founded in the fall of 1988. It began as a fellowship of about 15 families that celebrated holidays and some Shabbatot together. Havurat Tikvah ambitiously decided to hold its own High Holy Day services in the fall of 1989, and learned and led all the services. High Holy Days have been a major highlight of the year ever since.

Sefer Torah at Havurat Tikvah

Since its inception, the Community of Hope shares a mission of developing a community that is participatory and egalitarian while embracing the richness of all Jewish history, culture and practice. Havurat Tikvah values and depends upon member participation and leadership for religious services, spiritual growth and governance. It embodies the spirit of a large family, and continues to be engaged in enriching members’ Jewish experience and practice in a warm and caring environment. 

Like many Reconstructionist congregations, Havurat Tikvah brings together elements from all branches of Judaism to enrich and enhance its worship and the community. It is dedicated to active participation in Jewish affairs and in the Charlotte community.


PO Box 12684
Charlotte, NC 28220
United States

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