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Shaarei Shamayim

Simchat Torah services

Shaarei Shamayim is a growing, open and pluralistic congregation of almost 150 households. We believe that Judaism is a means for bringing justice, holiness and joy to our world, and we are building Jewish community rooted in creativity and authenticity. We are reimagining the possibilities for Jewish life, identity and community.

We invite people of varied Jewish backgrounds to join us. We value the participation of singles, families, twenty- and thirty-somethings and empty-nesters. We are LBGTQ and interfaith inclusive, strive to accommodate people with disabilities and welcome Jews-by-choice and Jews of color.

We meet in a beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright building and celebrate Shabbat and holidays together. We host a variety of rabbis, professors and community activists each year, engage in several ongoing social justice projects, organize many havurot (small communities within the congregation) and run a lively children’s education program.


P.O. Box 5081
Madison, WI 53705
United States


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