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Welcoming Strangers, Welcoming Angels

B’shem Hashem elohei yisraelMiyimini Michael u’mismoli gavrielUmilfanai uriel um’akhorai refaelV’al roshi, v’al roshi, shekhinat el. In the name of God, the God of IsraelTo my right is Michael, to my left is GavrielIn front of me Uriel, and behind me RafaelAnd on my mind, and over me, Shekhinat El —From

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The Akeida: Questions of Sacrifice

Each year, on the second day of Rosh Hashana we discuss the Akeida – the story for the binding and near sacrifice of Isaac. Each year we, collectively, struggle with the psychological impact and the personal ethics of the story. How could a father do such a thing? What did

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The Destruction of the Cities of Sodom and Gomorrah

(Want to learn more about Jewish views on morality? Visit Ethics and Values.) This week’s parashah is Vayera. Within its verses we find some of the most familiar, and troubling, stories in the Torah. For Vayera contains within it the stories of the Akeidah (the binding of Isaac on Mt.

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