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What Is True In This Moment

This d’var Torah was written during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, as Passover 2020 approached. While the specific circumstances have changed since its writing, the spiritual insights remain deeply relevant. There are many things these days that can lead us to fear and anxiety. We may be worried

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Where Does the Spirit of Sacrifice Take Us?

As we now begin our study of the book of Vayikra (Leviticus), we start with two observations: Even some fairly dedicated Torah learners find this the most difficult book of the Hamisha Humshei Torah (Five Books of Moses). As anyone who has worked with b’nai mitzvah students on writing divrei

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Drawing Close to Sacrifice

When Adar comes in, our happiness is increased. But when Vayikra comes in, we feel as if the Promised Land of great stories and heroes is far, far away. Torah scholars through the centuries have tried to give us reasons to rejoice in these endless passages on the most minute

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The Spiritual Tools of Leviticus

Sometimes I think that our Biblical ancestors were a lot wiser than we give them credit for. Every year when we get to this particular biblical book filled with graphic descriptions of animal sacrifices and offerings outlining in detail such rituals as the sprinkling of blood on the altar by

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