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The Danger of Religious Fanaticism

[Editor’s note: This piece was written for Martin Luther King weekend several years ago, and refers to specific events occuring at the time it was written. However, its insights remain relevant over a decade later.] This week, we arrive at the final portion of the book of Genesis as we

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The Goal of Life

(Want to learn more about Jewish views on purpose and meaning? Visit Reconstructionism – Believing.) The goal of Jewish life is to embody Torah, the living word of the living God addressed to all creation through the life and experience of Am Yisrael, the Jewish people. This Jewish insight teaches

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Have You No Decency? Midrash and the Centrality of Love

The following is adapted from a d’var Torah given by RRC student Mackenzie Reynolds in early 2017 at a gathering of congregational presidents and rabbis at the Society for the Advancement of Judaism, a Reconstructionist Synagogue in New York. “If I have found grace in your sight, don’t bury me

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Courage and Forgiveness

A woman in our congregation once came to see me with a heavy heart. Her son was soon to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah. She told me a sad but unfortunately all too familiar tale of enmity and anger, silence and deep-seated hurt between members of her immediate family. How her

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