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Rabbi Lewis Eron

Former Director of Religious Services for Lions Gate CCRC and Community Chaplain for Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey (retired)

Rabbi Lewis Eron retired in 2017 after 24 years working for the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey, most recently as the director of religious services at Lions Gate and as the Jewish community chaplain.

Moses' Double Mission

Moses’ task was twofold: to overthrow Pharaoh’s tyranny, and to make the Israelites worthy of freedom. The second task was by far the harder.

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Meeting Angels

Jacob’s life is punctuated by encounters with angels. Rabbi Lewis Eron explores their appearance in his life, not as protectors, but rather as responses to his choices.

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Abraham's Second Life

As the Torah’s narrative moves on from the generation of Abraham and Sarah to that Isaac and Rebecca, Rabbi Lewis Eron reflects on Abraham’s life after he leaves “center stage” as a model for the journey of aging. 

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You Should Live To Be 120

A leader into his old age, Moses inspires us to seek out the wisdom and blessings that come with aging.

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Serving God in Gladness

Rabbi Lewis Eron asks: If we enter the synagogue out of a sense of obligation, with a feeling of being burdened, how can we hope for self-improvement? 

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Honest Weights and Measures

When it comes to mitzvot, sometimes the little things are the most important. 

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It Just Isn't So!

Why do bad things happen to good people? Rabbi Lewis Eron delves into this age-old question.

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Melekh Ha-Olam, Sovereign of All

In ancient times, Israel, like its neighbors, was a monarchy. But the Torah constrains the king’s authority, making it clear that a leader’s abuse of power and indifference to morality are age-old phenomena that must be kept in check.

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Our Sustaining Hope

The haftarah of comfort read on Shabbat Naḥamu following Tisha B’av invites us to envision a hopeful resolution to our most intractable conflicts. 

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Making the Epic Personal

As Moses recounts the Israelite’s journey from Egypt to the Promised Land, the details are revealing. 

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Who Was Korakh?

During the forty years in the wilderness, Moses faced a number of challenges to his leadership. The most threatening was the constitutional crisis brought about by Korakh’s attempt to supplant both Moses as political leader and Aaron as High Priest.

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My Brother's Keeper

Sibling relationships are fraught throughout the book of Genesis. Rabbi Lewis Eron explores the conflict between Jacob and Esau. 

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Taking Down the Sukkah

Rabbi Lewis Eron reflects on the end of the season of Sukkot.

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Trying to Limit the Divine

What was the sin of the Golden Calf? Rabbi Lewis Eron suggests that it's not simply the worship of another god.

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The Well of Tradition and Miriam's Well

As Moses' sister Miriam dies, the people suffer from thirst. The legend of Miriam's well arises from this text, and can be a model for us today. 

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