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Shavuot: The Harvest Festival of Torah

Reconstructionist Jews believe that the Jewish people created the Torah and the Torah, in turn, has created and recreated the Jewish people throughout history. Shavuot, the festival of giving and receiving the Torah, should be central to our communal life. 

Trudging Towards Revelation, Climbing the Golden Mountain

Forty-nine days ago, we began an annual journey, and now we’ve arrived. We’re here at the foot of Mount Sinai. The Jewish people prepare for this moment

Celebrating Shavuot for a Week: A Journey of Revelation and Relationship

The giving of Torah happened at one specific time, but the receiving of Torah happens all the time, in every generation.  —Rebbe Yitzchak Meir Alter (1799–1866)

Shavuot Study with Hashivenu & Evolve

For Shavuot, we’ve gathered a selection of interviews with authors that provide plenty of material for self-study or group discussion. 

Counting to Shavuot

"And everyone has a Sea of Reeds to cross, / Everyone has a story..."

What Receiving Torah Sounds Like: A Shavuot Poem

"Then the unbroken rush of praise exhaled..."

Shavuot: One Voice

"Where you go, I will go, I told my small sons..."

See you at Sinai

At Shavuot, every Jew throughout time stands at the foot of Mount Sinai to recive the Torah. That powerful metaphor — passed down from an ancient midrash, or biblical interpretation — should provide every Jew a way to connect with a holiday that re-enacts God’s revelation.

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