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Interfaith Partnerships and Families

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Passover conversations with non-Jews who are part of Jewish communities and families

Rabbi Harris's article focuses on the benefits that non-Jews, mostly with Jewish partners, bring to the community. Harris leads us away from the "framework of cost" to open up the conversation on intermarriage.

Jodi Bromberg advocates moving beyond simplistic labels to appreciate our rich and diverse Jewish community in all of its complexity.

Exodus 1:1-6:1

An easily-accessible text study about the ethnic ambiguity that the Torah presents us with regarding the midwives who refused to obey Pharaoh's orders. 

This is a short Passover reading that expresses appreciation for people of backgrounds and identities other than Judaism. It would work well in a community seder, as well as home seders. 

In an article in the Forward, Debbie Karl, a member of Reconstructionist Congregation Or Hadash, recounts the ways in which her interfaith family was welcomed into Jewish life.

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