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What's Next for Jewish Worship?

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The RRA and Reconstructing Judaism are partnering to offer a multi-part series called, “What’s Next for Jewish Worship?” During this series, clergy and congregational leadership will discuss how we might move forward at this stage of the pandemic. These calls are open to rabbis, cantors, presidents, executive directors, and education directors. Additionally, feel free to invite any other members of your leadership team who would benefit from joining. 


Digital Memberships/Non-local membership

Rabbi Shawn Zevit, Rosalind Spigel, and Steve Jones
Tuesday, May 25th, 1:00 pm ET

This spring, the Mishkan Shalom board approved a digital classification of members.  This was in response to changes in congregational attendance due to the COVID 19 pandemic and meeting restrictions. Going forward, we anticipate people will continue to want to be members outside our geographic area when it is safe to meet in person. There was much deliberation on how to integrate this type of membership into our self-assessed dues structure.  In addition, the board also approved the creation of a 6-9 month On-line Visitor / not yet-member option.

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When Torah Meets Tech: Serving our Roomers and Zoomers - Tech needs and Space Set Up

Rabbi David Paskin
Tuesday, June 1st, 1:00 pm ET

Join Rabbi David Paskin, the ‘Torah tech guy” for a session exploring some of the BIG ideas around sharing Torah digitally. The call will also get into specific tips, tools, and apps to bring our Torah to life for both our in-person and digital learners and daveners.

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Hybrid Services – Making them Work

Rabbi Alanna Sklover and Rabbi David Basior
Wednesday, June 2nd, 1:00 pm ET

As we move towards hybrid models how can we make hybrid services work? This will be a conversation without any expected answers, but a place to spell out the questions, identify the values and start to layout the choices communities may need to be making.

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