Resources for Respectful Dialogue on Israel | Reconstructing Judaism

Resources for Respectful Dialogue on Israel


From the Reconstructionist Movement

Rabbi Toba Spitzer, RRC ’97: “A Guide to Talking about Israel in Your Congregation” 

PEARL call with Rabbi Mordechai Liebling, RRC ’85, and Cherie Brown, founder and executive director of the National Coalition Building Institute: “Having the Hard Conversations about Israel”

Six Journal Entries From Israel, July 2014, by Rabbi Lester Bronstein, Bet Am Shalom Synagogue

Rabbi David A. Teutsch: A Guide to Jewish Practice: The Ethics of Speech, The Reconstructionist Press

Tikkun Olam Resources Inside Israel, compiled by Rabbi Amy Klein, RRC ’96

Resources From Beyond the Reconstructionist Movement

JCPA Civility Statement

The Jewish Dialogue Group

Blog and Resources for Educators and Parents

Makom Educator Materials:

Encounter Communications Guidelines

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    News and Blogs

    Israel Mission Trip, March 2018: A Travelogue

    When we began our Israel journey together in Tel Aviv on March 7th, we were 25 people representing 11 Reconstructionist communities who travelled there on the promise to go places and meet people that even veteran Israel travelers hadn’t visited or met. And on that promise, the Reconstructing Judaism Israel Mission Trip delivered.


    Israel at 70: State of Hope, Conflict, and Possibilities

    Reflections on Israel as it turns 70

    News and Blogs

    Remembering How To Listen: A Reconstructionist Trip to Israel

    Jennifer Ferentz recently returned from the first-ever Reconstructionist Birthright trip to Israel. She reflects on her experiences. 


    Pregnant in Israel

    During her first pregnancy, Rabbi Amy Klein shared this reflection on the experience of pregnancy in Israel.

    News and Blogs

    The First Reconstructionist Birthright Journey

    A participant on the first Reconstructionist Birthright trip reflects on her journey.


    Lekh Lekha and the Promised Land: Text Study

    This text study, prepared by Rabbi Nina Mandel, contains pairs of passages examining biblical and contemporary notions of what “Promised Land” means, and how it has been interpreted by Jewish thinkers over the millennia.


    A Zionism Worth Reconstructing

    Klein examines how experiencing the contradictions of Israeli life can help young North American Jews feel connected to Israel.


    Where Next?

    This 2004 report of the movement’s Israel Policies Task Force emerged from a movement-wide process that solicited thoughtful input from Reconstructionists across the country. While much has changed over the past decade-plus, most of this earlier report’s framework and recommendations are still compelling and sound.


    Values, Middle East Politics and the Future of Israel

    Robert Prybutok critiques an idealistic approach to Israel's negotiations with its neighbors, and argues for tough-minded pragmatism in the service of ideals.


    Finding a New Narrative

    Rabbi Toba Spitzer describes two competing narrative frames about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the need for new thinking to transcend them. 


    On Occupied Ground

    Rabbi Rebecca Lillian reflects on the moral hazard posed by Israel’s occupation of the West Bank.


    A History of Reconstructionist Zionism

    Rabbi David Teutsch reviews an 80-year span of Reconstructionist approaches to Zionism and the State of Israel.


    Herzl Play, Monologue and Activities (Grades 4-7)

    A play and activities on the life and values of Zionist pioneer Theodor Herzl


    Parsing the Meeting of Jacob and Esau

    Text study and discussion questions on the reunion of Jacob and Esau after decades of separation


    Next Year in Jerusalem?

    A resource for exploring values and commitments around Israel, seen through the lens of the phrase “Next year in Jerusalem” at the close of the Passover seder