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See you at Sinai

At Shavuot, every Jew throughout time stands at the foot of Mount Sinai to recive the Torah. That powerful metaphor — passed down from an ancient midrash, or biblical interpretation — should provide every Jew a way to connect with a holiday that re-enacts God’s revelation.

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Israel Activities & The Reconstructionist Movement

Rabbi Maurice Harris, Associate Director for Thriving Communities and Israel Affairs Specialist, researched and compiled this report on the breadth and variety of Israel-related activities taking place in many different organizational arenas across the Reconstructionist movement from January 1, 2020, to December 31, 2022.  The report offers an overview of

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Israel’s History through Stamps

This resource is an opportunity to learn about Israeli culture, history and modern achievements by exploring its postage stamps. These stamps were collected over the years, and each one tells a story… you can do this activity alone, with a Havruta partner online/in person, as a family, or in a

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Got Kubbah? Add this Iraqi dish to your Passover Menu

During Passover, in my family’s Iraqi kitchen, we always make kubbah. For us, like in other middle eastern kitchens, Kubbah is a big deal. Its not just a food, it’s an artform,  and it’s eaten year-round, cooked, or fried, with different fillings and wrappings, seasonings and textures.

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Kavannah for Washing Hands in a Time of Climate Change

Washing our hands is an ancient Jewish practice, going back to the days of the Temple, when the priests purified themselves before performing rituals. Today, we are also called to wash and purify our hands before we perform rituals such as the ones during the Passover seder. During the seder, traditionally, we wash our hands three times: No matter how many times we wash your hands during the seder, this kavannah will bring important intention to our ritual washings.

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