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Billboard Blues

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyOn2qBVtdU Poet Darcy Graberstein describes how a billboard on a New Jersey highway brought emotions to the surface regarding October 7 and the hostages remaining in Gaza. And she provides a writing prompt: How are you filing your void, right now?

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Tzedek Circles

This Zoom series, starting in March, will introduce five social justice initiatives from trusted partner organizations.

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Cantor Karen Webber shares two poems, moving us from darkness to light

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyGY14vp4xs Karen Weber, a poet and performance artist, enacts and, at times, sings, two linked poems, “No Cakewalk” and “L’chaim” that mine the emotional depths, describing horror with pinpoint detail and, somehow, bringing us back to the light with a jubilant wedding celebration. Sourced from Reconstructing Judaism.org 

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2023 Auerbach Launch and Ignition Grant Recipients

Reconstructing Judaism’s Auerbach Launch Grants and Ignition Grants support rabbinical students and rabbis in reconstructing the Jewish landscape to be more inclusive and engaging. This year’s winners point the way to a dynamic Jewish future. Auerbach Launch Grants Chloe Zelkha Chloe is a third-year rabbinical student at RRC. After years

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