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[Community is] that form of social organization in which the welfare of each is the concern of all, and the life of the whole is the concern of each.

Rabbi Mordecai M. Kaplan, The Future of the American Jew

We at Reconstructing Judaism are committed to co-creating communities where people of all abilities can experience and participate fully and meaningfully in Jewish life. 

The Rambam (Maimonides) teaches that all members of the people Israel must study Torah, whether they be rich or poor, non-disabled or people with disabilities (Mishneh Torah: Hilkhot Talmud Torah 1:8).  

When we interpret Torah expansively—understanding it as the depthless body of wisdom transmitted to us both by tradition and personal experience, from which we draw ethical guidelines, spiritual meaning, and our sense of belonging—then every one of us is obligated to engage in those aspects of Judaism that most nourish our particular bodies and our particular souls.  

Jewish community is the primary access point to so many of these life-giving wellsprings. As such, it is our collective responsibility to make them accessible to all. The resources below are curated to support your community’s commitments to disability justice, which will help you enable full participation in your spaces for people of all abilities. 

Disability and Accessibility​ Resources

Best Practices

These principles & practical tips can help guide your work towards disability justice.

Ritual Resources

Find prayers and congregational resources that uplift inclusive services.

Disability Torah

Connect Jewish texts and Disability Justice work with these text studies and essays.

Kids & Teaching

Fun and creative educational resources for kids and teens.

Speakers and Educators

Looking for an expert to work with your community?


Connect with Jewish disability support & informational networks.

History & Advocacy

Read previous letters and statements from the movement advocating for internal and national change.

Across the Movement

Discover Reconstructionist resources such as language, printable signs, and more.

The Reconstructionist Network

Serving as central organization of the Reconstructionist movement

Training the next generation of groundbreaking rabbis

Modeling respectful conversations on pressing Jewish issues

Curating original, Jewish rituals, and convening Jewish creatives

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