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Yigdal: A Reconstructionist Examination

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Yigdal, one of the most beloved of the medieval piyyutim (liturgical poems), appears as an opening hymn in the daily morning service. Yigdal summarizes the thirteen principles of the Jewish faith as formulated by Moses Maimonides (RaMBaM; late 12th century C.E.) in his Mishnah commentary on Sanhedrin 10:1.
Reconstructionists often proudly assert that when we pray with a Reconstructionist siddur, we feel that we can 'say what we mean and mean what we say,' because our liturgical language reflects Reconstructionist theology.
How might a Reconstructionist interpret the words of Yigdal so that s/he can comfortably sing these words and 'say what s/he means and mean what s/he says?”
Rabbi Emerita, Kol Ami: The Northern Virginia Reconstructionist Community

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