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2020 Annual Report

In extraordinary times, we are guided by our core values. Kedushah (holiness), kehillah (community), tzedek (justice), a commitment to diversity, cultivating hope, working for sustainability, pikuakh nefesh (saving lives) — these values animate Reconstructing Judaism. They have long inspired us to meet people where they are, in person and online, and to make Jewish learning and community ever more accessible and meaningful. When the pandemic struck, we were ready to provide Jewish connections to meaning and community that so many people found they needed.

All projects such as this are snapshots in time, and this video was filmed before the murder of George Floyd, and the ongoing protest movement seeking an end to racial violence and inequity. While the video does not address these matters, we are proud to point you to our statement, which was created in collaboration with the Reconstructionist Tikkun Olam Commission, a joint initiative of Reconstructing Judaism and the RRA: We strongly condemn police brutality and commit to working for racial justice in all quarters, especially our own.

View our 2020 Annual Report.

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