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COVID-19: Resources for Uncertain Times

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In this time of mounting uncertainty, in which the COVID-19 coronavirus is disrupting normal life and bringing it to a near-standstill,  we offer you a Virtual Shabbat Box. This Shabbat Box doesn’t contain challah or candles, but rather  essays, meditations and other resources for your senses that you can download and digest for Shabbat.

Jews are no strangers to epidemics. Throughout our history, we have grappled with them and other seismic events, as have all peoples. For millennia, Shabbat has served as a vital source of resilience for Jewish individuals and communities — and it still can, even if our communities aren’t meeting in person.

While this Virtual Shabbat Box can’t replace being with Jewish community in person on Shabbat, we do hope it helps you experience the joys and sensations of Shabbat and provides you a measure of spiritual sustenance. If you’re able to connect with your community via technology, we hope the Shabbat Box is a helpful supplement.

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