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Virtual Shabbat Box

Phone screen with a green box and the words "Virtual Shabbat Box: Resources for you in these uncertain times"

Your Virtual Shabbat Box holds many ways to celebrate the day. Choose what nurtures you: listen, watch or read. Looking for Shabbat services? Check out Recon Connect for virtual Shabbat services and other live, online programs throughout the week.


March 5-6, 2021


Read: ‘Hashkiveinu’ for Hope

Sarah Stock Mayo has adapted the traditional evening prayer for peace at night to speak more specifically to our contemporary cares and concerns. Sourced from Ritualwell

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Listen: ‘Ufros Aleynu

The concluding line of the Hashkiveynu prayer, sung by Rabbi Liz Bolton, asks God to spread over us a sukkah of peace. Sourced from ReconstructingJudaism.org

Ufros Aleynu by Reconstructing Judaism


Read: Why Be Good?

In her reading of parashat Ki Tissa, Ellern Dannin finds an answer to the question: “If there is no afterlife to motivate us with its rewards, then why should we be good?” Sourced from ReconstructingJudaism.org

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Watch: A Taste of ‘Mussar’: Life as Spiritual Curriculum

Rabbi Linda Potemken explores ways we might use our life experiences as opportunities to develop positive character traits through the ancient practice of mussar. Sourced from Recon Connect Beit Midrash

Recon Beit Midrash - Taste of Mussar


Read: A Kaddish for 2020

Last year was a very hard year. Now that it has been behind us for a while, this kaddish by Rabbi Lily Solochek et al may help us to let it go and face this year with courage and hope. Sourced from Ritualwell

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