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Whitewashing Biblical Characters

Listen: ‘Whitewashing Biblical Characters’

The Rev. Wil Gafney, biblical scholar and Episcopal priest, paints a more accurate picture of our Afro-Asiatic forebearers, making a case that engaging with the racist history of biblical criticism and Western art is key to forging a more just future.

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Rethinking the circumcision part 2 with rabbi kevin bernstein

Listen: ‘Rethinking Circumcision, Part 2’

Rabbi Kevin Bernstein has performed hundreds of b’rit milah ceremonies. In this segment, he responds to critics who question the safety and continued relevance of circumcision, including our two prior guests, Gary Shteyngart and Max Buckler, and attempts to demystify and explain what happens at a b’rit milah.

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Rethinking circumcision

Listen: ‘Rethinking Circumcision, Part 1’

In the first of a two-part series examining circumcision, two critics of the practice — best-selling novelist and memoirist Gary Shteyngart and Max Buckler, author of the Evolve essay, “Be Honest About the Bris” — discuss circumcision from the perspective of morality, Jewish tradition, medicine gender norms, and the rights

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Text on blue wavy background that says #TrendingJewish 19: Old School Reporting"

Listen: ‘Old-School Reporting’

Zoe Greenberg talks about what it is like to be a reporter and researcher for The New York Times, why she got into journalism at a time when the traditional business model for newspapers has broken down, what it is like to be raised by a Reconstructionist rabbi, and what

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