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A diverse group of rabbis praying together

Read: The Ever-Evolving Rabbinate

Commissioned in honor of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association’s 50th anniversary, this collection of seven essays by clergy explores the rabbinate’s history, challenges and opportunities.

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Woman with her eyes closed and her arms out smiling in the middle of a field

Read: Against Free Will

Humans have agency over our lives, right? Not according to Mike Shore, who argues that abandoning the notion of free will leads to a more liberated, meaningful life.

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Reconstructing Judiasm rabbis of various races together in Selma, Alabama

Read: Confronting America’s Racism

Prompted by a comment by a presidential contender, Rabbi Sandra Lawson articulates her profound connection to the side of American history encompassing the Atlantic Slave Trade, Jim Crow and the Chinese Exclusion Act.

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Child and adult hands holding a purple ribbon against a purple background

Read: Trauma and Disability Justice

From our archives: Rabbi Elliot Kukla describes how the disability justice movement honors the “the unique ways we move through the world, and rejects racist, conformist notions of ‘normalcy’ in how we ought to look, behave and produce.” 

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