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close-up of a Black person washing their hands in a white sink.

Read: Kavannah for Handwashing

In retelling a poignant story about the founder of the Mussar movement, Adva Chattler’s new kavannah helps us think about how actions impact other people and the environment. It’s intended for the Seder’s second ritual handwashing.

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Rabbinical student Stephanie Breitsman

Read: Inspector of Torah Scrolls

Rabbinical student Stephanie Breitsman shares her Reconstructionist journey and how she has found new meaning in the words of Torah by connecting to the physical scroll and becoming a sofer.

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The word PUNK spray-painted on a concrete wall

Read: Punk Vashti

Rabbi Emily Cohen explains that, sometimes, we don’t really learn who we are until we pretend to be somebody else. There’s something liberating about dressing up for Purim.

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Iraqi Purim treats on a plate, with a mug of tea and a vase of flowers

Watch: Yummy Mizrakhi Purim Treats

Hiding and deception play key roles in the Purim story, reflected in two traditional Iraqi treats. Never tried Sambusak and B’ab’a B’tamer? Now is your chance to make them from scratch.

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Participants in a recent Reconstructionist pilgrimage for Jews of African descent visit the Legacy Museum in Montgomery, AL.

Read: Black and Jewish Community-Building

Participants in a pilgrimage for Black Reconstructionists share their experiences. “In the Torah,” says Koach Baruch Frazier, “it says that you must go, so that you can be seen and, some say, so that you can be seen by God and that you see God.” (Originally in the Philadelphia Jewish

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