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Bnai Keshet

Our Mission

Bnai Keshet is a vibrant Reconstructionist congregation that values both the unique individual backgrounds and beliefs of its diverse members and our shared historical traditions. We celebrate our role as participants in the evolution of Judaism by engaging our tradition thoughtfully, so it remains meaningful and relevant to each of us. In this spirit, we are committed to life-long education, to hesed (caring), to tikkun olam (repairing the world) and to sharing important life events. We are an informal and respectful community moved by prayer, fired by lively discussion and enlivened by laughter and song.

Bnai Keshet Values Statement

These Core Values inform and permeate all aspects of congregational life at Bnai Keshet:

1. We create and foster a caring community that supports and embraces diversity, democratic decision-making, the volunteer work of our members, the search for spiritual fulfillment and the development of Jewish identity for people of all ages;

2. We understand Judaism to be an evolving religious civilization and actively engage in the struggle to define and redefine our practices and heritage, while honoring our shared traditions and history;

3. We provide opportunities for lifelong Jewish learning and foster and fortify the next generation of Reconstructionist Jews through Jewish education, celebration, ritual and community for children and families;

4. We rejoice in the diversity of our congregants and actively welcome all ages and family structures, including mature couples, singles, families with children, interfaith partners, gay men, lesbians, transgender people, persons with disabilities and members of all racial, economic and ethnic backgrounds;

5. We seek holiness (Kedushah) as a process of identifying and expressing the godliness within each human being and in the natural world;

6. We strive for respect and civility (Derech Eretz) toward one another, toward the sacred space in our synagogue and toward our broader community;

7. We work to repair the world (Tikkun Olam) through social activism, thoughtful debate and a mindfulness of social justice that permeates our community;

8. We care for one another (Hesed) and share communal experiences of pain and joy that include ritual, prayer, song and personal connection;

9. We welcome being part of Klal Israel, the Jewish people, and are mindful of our connectedness, despite our many differences; and

10. We view Israel as central to Judaism, promote the connection between our community and Israel and encourage respectful and open discussion of all aspects of our relationship to Israel as American Jews.


Montclair, NJ 07042-2628
United States


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